What is hydromassage?

How Does the Hydromassage Table Work?

You lie back completely clothed on the table. Just under the surface is a mattress filled with heated water. A pump propels the warm water towards you through three patented hydro-jets. The pressure of the water against your body provides a very effective massage that helps reduce pain and promotes relaxation.



Water is extremely buoyant. When you lay on the water mattress, there is joints. Few, if any, muscles are required to hold the body up or in position. This helps your body relax bearing minimal strain on the weight.




Heat is evenly conducted through the skin and into the muscles and soft tissues of the body. The heat expands blood vessels, increases blood and lymphatic circulation, increases metabolism and has a sedative effect.




As the massage works on your body, muscle tension yields to the pressure of the water enabling the fibers to elongate and relax for the blood to flow freely and toxins to be released and eliminated. Massage is said to release endorphins. These neurochemicals relieve pain. As pain subsides, the muscles relax even more.










What are the benefits of hydromassage? 


Everyone can benefit from a relaxing, body healing massage. We naturally wear down with all of the stresses in our daily lives. You can revive yourself with hydromassage. A 15-minute session reduces muscle soreness, increases circulation and improves your mental state.