Amber's Story

Amber Harrison is the creator of the Free Hydromassage Program and honors research project studying stress and resilience in the womxn of South Los Angeles. She introduced the first non-profit hydromassage wellness program to South Los Angeles where she is a native. Amber is an undergraduate studying Public Health Policy at the University of California, Irvine where she is a senior. Amber is of Creole decent with lineage from Louisiana and Texas. Amber dedicates her life’s work to perpetuate better opportunities in the lives of the oppressed as she is inspired by her forefathers who suffered during the Jim Crow era and beyond in the Deep South. She is passionate about learning, music, travel, and improving the human condition. Her short-term goals are to expand her non-profit work to become sustainable in Southern California and impact underserved populations. Amber is grateful for all of her supporters as she continues to flourish and be blessed during her journey.

Thank You,


for all you have done for our community! 

August 15, 1985 - March 31, 2019

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